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Welcome to the Branchburg NJ location of Complete Medical Wellness medical center Centre, a multi-specialty medical facility. We provide a wide variety of proven medical treatments in the fields of Vein Vascular, Neuro Spine, Orthopaedic, Pain Management, General and Regenerative Medicine, and Cosmetic and Medical Spa Department.

About Complete Medical Wellness medical center Branchburg NJ Location
The Town of Branchburg is located in Somerset County, New Jersey. Branchburg Town has a rich history; formerly Raritan Indian land, Branchburg was inhibited by Dutch and English settlers in the 17th century. Today, Branchburg is a semi-rural area which is home to the Raritan Valley Community College.
The Branchburg location of Complete Medical Wellness Center is located in a very accessible area of the town. Patients can avail multi-specialty services especially Pain Management treatments in Branchburg NJ with ease.

What is Neuro-Spine Treatment?
Neuro Spine Surgery are non-surgical and surgical medical procedures which are concerned with the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and prevention of conditions and disorders which affect the spinal cord.
The spine is one of the most essential parts of the body, it is intricately interrelated to other parts of the nervous system, including the brain, the peripheral nerves, and the extra-cranial cerebrovascular system.

Therefore, Neuro Spine Surgery must be performed after careful evaluation; a small mistake can cause life-threatening damages. It is essential that you approach an experienced and knowledgeable Neurosurgeon for conditions of the spine.

The Neuro Spine Department of Complete Medical Wellness medical center gives you access to the best neurosurgeons in New York. What is more, CMW believes in holistic medicine, it will not only provide you with access to the best surgeons, but to industry-leading technology in Neuro Spine Surgery, Pain management program, rehabilitation, and prevention services.

Do you live in or around Manhattan, New York? If Yes, then the Neuro Spine department of Complete Medical Wellness medical center should be your top choice for the treatment of spinal condition.

Neuro Spine Surgery in Branchburg NJ
The Neuro Spine department of Complete Medical Wellness medical center offers comprehensive spine care in its Branchburg NJ, location. The clinic has a multi-disciplinary and evidence-based approach for diagnosing and treating a wide range of spinal conditions.
CMW’s premier spinal care program is equipped to treat spine disorders from the most common of conditions like arthritis to the rarest and most complex spinal deformities.

The Neuro Spine Department of Complete Medical Wellness medical center is dedicated to restoring the health and mobility of children and adults of all ages.

How Can We Help You?
The Neuro Spine department of Complete Medical Wellness medical center is one of the leading brain and spine institute of NY and NJ. It employs a comprehensive staff consisting of primary care doctors, top neurosurgeons in NJ, Orthopaedic spine specialist in NJ, and medical specialists in a related field to offer holistic spinal care to its patients.

At CMW, you will receive one of the best Neuro Spine Surgery in Branchburg NJ. This treatment will include:
Accurate Diagnosis Effective Treatment Holistic Rehabilitation Prevention
CMW believes inaccurate spinal care, the first time.
Our neurosurgeons and spinal specialists use an evidence-based approach to diagnose the root cause of your spinal problem.
Our doctors will listen to you carefully and take assistance from technologically advanced medical equipment to arrive at a diagnosis.
We will not proceed unless we are absolutely sure about the cause of your spinal condition.
We firmly believe that an accurate diagnosis is 90% of the work done. The rule of thumb at CMW is ‘non-operative treatment first’. We do not want to put our patients through extra trouble just to make a few extra bucks!

CMW is dedicated to the well-being of its patient – whether through operative or non-operative spinal care.
Our treatment includes:
• Non-operative spinal treatment, such as physical therapy, pain management, and regenerative medicine.
• Minimally invasive spinal surgery
• Technologically assisted complex spinal surgeries
In Neuro Spine conditions, surgery is not the end of the treatment. A patient needs a carefully developed rehabilitation plan to gain back maximum functionality after surgery.

CMW is all about maximizing patient outcomes.
Therefore, we provide comprehensive rehabilitation treatments in our Manhattan location.
Patients receive:
• An individual and comprehensive Rehabilitation plan
• Personal trainers
• Physical therapy
• Regenerative medicine
• Health spa
• Psychiatric help
• Nutrition specialists Whoever said that prevention is better than cure was not wrong.

At CMW, we believe that 90% of spinal conditions can be prevented!

CMW has on-site physical therapy, occupational therapy, and sports therapy specialists who assist individuals in increasing their body’s strength, agility, and flexibility to avoid injury to the spine.

Are you looking for Neuro Spine Surgery in Branchburg NJ? Then visit Complete Medical Wellness medical center at its Branchburg NJ location for effective treatments.