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General & Regenerative Medicine Department

Looking For General & Regenerative Medicine ?

Complete Medical Wellness General & Regenerative Medicine Department strives to offer you regenerative medicine, which is a relatively new field of study that treats injuries and diseases by harnessing the body’s own regenerative capabilities.

Encompassing a broad range of scientific disciplines, from molecular biology and genetics, to immunology and biochemistry, our doctors are committed to provide you with the best available treatments.

Take The First Step Toward Getting Back Your Life in its Full Potential. Call Us Today!

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What Patients Say About Us

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Complete Medical Wellness isn’t just a medical facility; it is an experience! I was fortunate enough to have come to them while looking for a lung and asthma specialist. Doctor here is warm and has a great, encouraging bedside manner. So much so that I didn’t think twice before putting all my trust in the treatment suggested. Suffice it to say that Doctor here was right about it all along!

Tony B
Mechanical Engineer

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I have had to live with my allergies for as long as I can remember! Whether it was sleepless nights because of a stuffy nose or an upset stomach that kept me from school, life was difficult for me as a child. Every time I visited any doctor or health facility, the best they could do for me was give me an allergy shot. While it did result in relief, the comfort was temporary. I did not know where to turn when somebody informed me about Complete Medical Wellness. From the moment I walked in to the IgElevel tests and finally xolair injections, the staff there has taken care of me. The injections have helped me a lot. I barely stay up at nights now!

Smith D