Cervical Facet Syndrome

Cervical Facet Syndrome causes debilitating pain and may lead to disability. For the most effective and reliable Neuro Spine Care in NJ, CMW is the answer.  

Cervical Facet Syndrome

The pain at the joint between two intervertebral discs in your spine is caused by a condition known as Cervical Facet Syndrome.  

The condition is also known as osteoarthritis. The facet joints are the joints in your spine that make your back movable and allow you to twist and bend. Nerves roots exit your spinal cord by these joints to other parts of your body. Facet joint disorders are some of the common of all the continuous, disabling low back and neck pain, and can cause severe symptoms and disability. Though, facet joint problems hardly involve the spinal nerves but may cause pinched nerves. This disorder is particularly related to the lumbar facet joints and produces both temporary and radiating pain.  

An x-ray of a man skull, suffering from 'neck pain'


The main cause of cervical facet syndrome is aging and excess weight on your facet joints. Symptoms of cervical facet syndrome include the following:  

  • Critical events of lumbar and cervical facet joint pain.  
  • Tenderness spread over inflamed facet joints.  
  • Discomfort.  
  • Lower back pain.  
  • Muscle spasms.  
  • Neck pain.  
  • Stiffness.  


To break up a phase of frequent, serious facet joint pain, several surgical treatments, or non-surgical treatments can be used effectively. Some of the treatments for cervical facet syndrome include:  

Surgical Procedures  

In abnormally severe and insistent issues, degeneration of the connecting cervical disc is nearly always present, so the part may need a bone fusion surgery to stop facet joint problems and the linked disc.  

In order to open nerve blocks, minimally invasive spine surgery is performed by our specialists at CMW, which provides not only pain relief, but also halts further development of degenerative disc disease like spinal stenosis.   

Here is a list of treatment options in the form of spinal surgery, performed under local anesthesia:  

  • Lumbar Spinal Fusion Surgery 
  • Laser Spine Surgery 
  • Facet Thermal Ablation 
  • Endoscopic Discectomy 
  • Endoscopic Rhizotomy 
  • Radiofrequency Ablation 


Facet Joint Injections  

An injection into your facet joint using cortisone can be supportive for reducing pain and tenderness. This minimally invasive procedure can calm the effects of degeneration on discomfort, creating structures of the spine. The injection usually gives short-term relief for some months or weeks.  

Our board-certified neuro-spine surgeons will discuss your options with you and choose the one which is most effective for you.    

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CMW offers the most effective treatment for Cervical Facet Syndrome in NJ.  

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