Cervical Whiplash Syndrome And It’s Treatment In NJ

About the condition

Cervical whiplash occurs when a person’s head moves backward and then moves forward suddenly under great force. This injury is most common after a rear-end car accident. It can also result from physical mistreatment, sports injuries, or amusement park ride accidents.

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Cervical whiplash results when the smooth, soft tissues (the ligaments and the muscles) of your head and neck are suddenly extended beyond their normal range of motion. The symptoms might not manifest for a while, so it’s paramount to pay attention to any physical changes and discomforts for a few days following an accident.

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Cervical whiplash is understood as a relatively mild condition, but it can cause chronic neck pain and discomfort, leading to spinal conditions like degenerative disc disease, and complications like pinched nerve. These complications require surgical treatment including spinal fusion and laser spine surgery .

Causes of cervical whiplash may include:

• automobile accidents
• physical mistreatment, such as being punched or shaken
• contact sports like football, boxing, and karate
• horseback riding accidents
• cycling accidents
• falls in which the head aggressively jerks backward
• blow to the head with a heavy object

Symptoms of Cervical Whiplash

Symptoms of cervical whiplash usually start to appear within the first day following the accident. In some cases, symptoms manifest themselves after a few days; they can last for several weeks.

Common symptoms of whiplash include:

• mild to severe neck pain and stiffness
• headaches, specifically at the base of the neck
• blurred vision
• constant exhaustion
• dizziness

Less common symptoms which are associated with chronic Cervical whiplash include:

• difficulties with attentiveness and memory
• ringing in the ears
• failure to sleep well
• irritable temperament
• chronic pain in the neck, shoulders, or head

You should see our spine specialists if:

• pain and discomfort spreads to your shoulders or arms
• movement of the head is painful
• experience numbness or weakness in your arms
• recurring pain and stiffness in the neck
• severe neck pain
• pain, numbness, or tingling in your shoulders, arms, or legs
• any issues with your bladder or bowels
• localized weakness in an arm or leg

Cervical whiplash may lead to a damaged cervical disc, spinal stenosis, and other spine conditions.

Treatments for Cervical Whiplash

Most mild to moderate circumstances of cervical whiplash can be treated at home using over-the-counter medications, ice, and other therapies. However, it’s better to seek professional help.

It is recommended to see a board-certified chiropractor, which will help reduce pain and discomfort and the need for spinal surgery. Complete Medical Wellness Center houses fellowship-trained chiropractors and spine specialists who offer specialized treatment options

If there is a need for a surgical procedure, our competent spine surgeon performs the finest cervical spine surgery in NJ.

In addition to medical treatment, physical therapy is a crucial part of recovery.