Cervical Corpectomy Fusion

Cervical Corpectomy Fusion is a procedure that relieves pain caused by pressure on spinal nerves. Start living pain-free and regain your spine health today.

Cervical Corpectomy Fusion

Cervical Corpectomy Fusion is a spinal surgery procedure performed on patients with spinal conditions – progressive cervical spinal stenosis and myelopathy. Anterior cervical corpectomy fusion is only performed by specialized fellowship-trained spine surgeons.

This surgical treatment is performed to eradicate the outsized, arthritic osteophytes (bone spurs) that are compacting the spinal nerves, causing a pinched nerve which puts pressure on the spinal cord, and also to treat the herniated disc. However, this surgical procedure usually comprises removing nearly the entire vertebral body and cervical disc, which must be replaced with bone grafts and fused together with fusion surgery to maintain stability.

This minimally invasive spine surgery is designed to treat conditions of the cervical spine, which causes severe neck pain. Complete Medical Wellness Center provides the finest cervical spine treatments in NJ. We house the best board-certified spine surgeon in NJ. Our specialists offer modern treatment options for degenerative disc disease.

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Who Needs the Procedure

With age and reduced bone health, many people experience neck pain, which is the cause of a herniated or damaged disc. Many people who experience neck pain are able to acquire relief from their distress through intensive rehab and therapies. However, when traditional management haven’t resolved the pain, experts may recommend cervical artificial disc replacement surgery.

Symptoms of cervical disc degeneration and disease may include:

  • Stiffness and pain in the neck
  • Clumsiness or problem with balance
  • Pain that radiates to the shoulders or arms
  • Weakness in the arms, shoulders, hands, or legs
  • Numbness or tingling in the arms

How Is It Performed

The surgery is performed after a complete checkup and study of the patient’s history by our spine specialists. The procedure is discussed with the patient. Certain important factors are considered before the procedure is recommended. Factors like age, lifestyle, general health, and anticipated physical activity after the procedure are thoroughly discussed by the specialists.

Cervical Corpectomy Fusion is performed using general anesthesia. A tube is placed in the patient’s trachea so the patient can breathe throughout the surgery using a ventilator. Our specialist administers preoperative intravenous antibiotics to reduce the threat of infection. The neck area where the incision is to be made is thoroughly cleansed with a special cleaning solution. The team at Complete Medical Wellness maintains a bacteria-free environment throughout the procedure.

The infected or damaged disc is located after carefully pulling away from the tissues and muscles of the neck. The specialist then uses special instruments to remove the arthritic and hypertrophic bone spurs or the whole vertebral body if necessary. The size of the empty disc space is measured, and a bone graft is gently tapped into the disc space. Metal plates are used to ensure proper fusion and improve immediate stability.

x-Rays are used to confirm the desired position and alignment of the graft and plates. The total surgery takes approximately 2-3 hours, and patients are able to go home after 4-5 days.

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