Lumbar Hemilaminectomy

About Hemilaminectomy

A Hemilaminectomy also called Laminotomy is a spine surgery which involves removing a part of one or both laminae on a vertebra by enlarging the spinal canal to relieve pressure from compressed nerves of the spinal cord. Spinal nerves may become compressed by bone spurs caused by spinal arthritis, a herniated disc, degenerative disc diseases, spinal stenosis, spinal injury, or spinal cord and brain tumors.

Spine specialists recommend spine surgery only after conservative treatment options have failed to provide a cure. Spine surgeons often perform a Hemilaminectomy in combination with spinal fusion surgery to stabilize the spine.

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Who Needs the Procedure

A Hemilaminectomy is recommended when a patient has the following symptoms:

  • Patient has suffered a spinal injury or has been diagnosed with a disease or disorder, which is compressing spinal nerves. Tumors of the brain and spine may also compress spinal nerves.
  • Patient is experiencing acute neck pain, numbness in legless, radicular pain, and shooting leg pain because of a pinched nerve or nerves in the spinal cord.
  • Conservative treatment options such as pain medication, physical therapy, and pain management therapies, etc. have failed to alleviate the pain.

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Pictorial view of 'lumber laminotomy' is a spine surgery which, involves removing a part of one or both

How is it Performed?

A Hemilaminectomy can be unilateral (removing part of one lamina), or it can be bilateral (removing part of both laminae of a vertebra). A Hemilaminectomy can be performed on one vertebra at a time, or it can be multi-level Hemilaminectomy in which parts of laminae are removed from multiple vertebrae in the same spine surgery.

Commonly, you can expect the following steps in a Hemilaminectomy:

  1.   The patient is given general anesthesia
  2.   Small incisions are made to insert surgical instruments and remove parts of the lamina. Debris of herniated discs is also removed if required.
  3.   Spinal fusion surgery is performed if spine stabilization is required.
  4.   The incisions are closed with sutures.

The patient’s recovery time depends on the severity of their condition and the nature of the spine surgery, but commonly a patient fully recovers within 4-6 weeks of surgery.

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