Top Thoracic Radiculopathy Treatment In NJ

About Thoracic Radiculopathy

Thoracic radiculopathy represents an uncommon spinal disorder that is frequently overlooked in the evaluation of spinal pain syndromes. Thoracic radiculopathy is a result of a pinched nerve in the thoracic region of the spinal canal. With time the nerve roots are more compressed resulting in painful symptoms. When the symptoms radiate or refer distally from the spine into the back and outward along the ribs to the anterior chest wall it is considered radiculopathy.


The patients with thoracic radiculopathy frequently suffer from different symptoms such as
• Neck Pain
• Loss of sensation
• Loss of weight
• Muscles weakness
• Impaired normal reflexes.

Diagnostic methods

Generally, our spine specialists used the following advanced methods to diagnose cervical spinal stenosis or thoracic or cervical radiculopathies:
• X-ray
• CT scan


Conservative pain management treatment
• Anti-inflammatory drugs
• Muscle relaxants
• Physical therapy
• Exercise

Epidural Steroid Injections

Before spinal surgery is prescribed, the ESI is used for more severe pain due to a herniated disc to reduce pressure on the spinal cord. It is commonly not recommended unless surgery is a suitable option to try to make spine conditions better and to reduce your pain.

Surgical Treatment

Depends upon the spinal conditions, some patients may need minimally invasive spine surgery, such as thoracic spine surgery, laser spine surgery, spinal stenosis surgery, spinal fusion surgery, etc. Surgical procedures for thoracic radiculopathy can be of following types for degenerative disc diseases:
• Endoscopic Decompression
• Endoscopic Foraminotomy
• Percutaneous Decompression
• Laser Facet Arthrotom
• Selective Endoscopic Discectomy
• Spinal Cord Stimulator

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