Thoracic Degenerative Disc Disease Treatment In NJ

About Thoracic Degenerative Disc Disease

Thoracic degenerative disc disease is basically related to intervertebral disc disorders in the spinal cord. The most common location for thoracic spine disorders is at the thoracolumbar (the thoracic and lumbar parts of the spinal canal) junction the central back.

Our team of spine specialists works together to provide you with the best thoracic spine treatments in NJ. We offer a variety of services by our spine surgeon in NJ to diagnose and observe the cause of degenerative disc disease.

The spine surgeons of our team always believe in performing the minimum invasive spine surgery possible, which depends on the spinal conditions and the symptoms.


Thoracic disc degeneration can cause neck pain, upper or central back pain.

Thoracic disc degenerative diseases can be diagnosed and examined by our board-certified doctors by X-rays, but an MRI gives a better image of the spinal condition. Similarly, an MRI will show if there is any herniated disc which needs spinal surgery.


The symptoms related to thoracic disc degeneration of the thoracic spine will depend on the area and parts of the body that are affected. Thoracic degenerative disc disease can affect the low or mid-back, neck and shoulder blade, etc. Some of the symptoms of thoracic degenerative disc disease include:
• Chronic thoracic pain
• Numbness or tingling
• Muscle weakness
• Less Movement
• Long-time sitting results in pain of arm and legs
• Difficulty in exercise, lifting or other activities
• As the disease gets severe, Spinal Stenosis may develop causing lower end weakness


Treatments for this disease are commonly non-surgical, however in the circumstances where non-surgical treatments are not so useful after some time and in cases where the symptoms of the degenerated disc become worse day by day, then, a minimally invasive surgery will be recommended.

In non-surgical treatments, our doctors recommend you rest, anti-inflammatory drugs or pain medications, physical therapy, etc. There are many types of spinal surgical treatments performed by our spine specialists.

However, the most common spinal surgery is spinal fusion or laser spine surgery, used to recover the degenerated disc disease. There is a high risk of spinal surgery. Therefore, it is only suggested when it is not recovered by non-surgical processes.

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