Thoracic Degenerative Joint Disease

About Thoracic Degenerative Joint Disease

Thoracic degenerative joint disease is a major cause of back pain and neck pain. Thoracic disc degeneration is also called osteoarthritis, a term used to describe the degenerative spinal condition in the central part of the back (thoracic spine).

The thoracic spine joins openly to the rib cage and supports to protect major organs, such as the liver, heart, lungs. Thoracic vertebrae do not have the same movement as vertebrae move in other parts of the spinal cord, so there is a minimum risk of developing degenerative conditions.

Degenerative joint disease may cause pain, loss of motion, and severe burning or pinched-nerve escaping the spinal column. As degeneration increases, the soft parts become fractured and damaged, uncovering bone under the cartilage.


Ultimately, osteophytes (bone spurs) enclosed by cartilage form at the joint. If left untreated, it may cause problems in the intervertebral discs such as herniated discs.

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• Pain in the back.
• Numbness and tenderness.
• Muscle spasm.
• Inability in movement
• Stiffness
• Pain with extra activities like exercise, games, etc.
• Swelling at the joints
• Spinal Stenosis may develop causing lumbar spine weakness when the disease gets severe.


Complete Medical Wellness spine surgeons offer a wide range of treatments and procedures and spine surgery for recovery of thoracic degenerated joint disease and can help relieve your symptoms or recommend spinal surgery to our patients if symptoms get worse. Treatment of the degenerative joint disease depends on the spinal conditions by following ways:
• Rest
• Exercise
• Apply ice
• Steroidal drugs
• Facet joint injections.
• Physical therapy
• Pain Medications
• Anti-inflammatory drugs
• Muscle relaxers

Complete Medical Wellness promises you to give the best treatments for the thoracic joint degenerated disease in NJ.

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