Thoracic Fusion Surgery

About the Procedure

Spinal fusion is one of the treatment options used to stabilize the spinal bones or vertebrae. The goal of fusion spinal surgery is to sustain a solid bridge of bone between two or more vertebrae. Our orthopedic surgeons ‘fuse’ or graft a bone to the deteriorated bone in the spine to provide strength and stability to the spinal cord.

Spinal fusion surgery is used for pain management and recommended to patients with chronic neck pain and other spinal conditions. Spinal fusion is used when the spine has become unstable because of a deformity in the spinal skeleton, a decrease in the natural disc space, impairment because of herniated discs, or damage to the spine because of trauma.


If you feel the following symptoms, then you may need Thoracic Fusion Laser Spine Surgery
• Severe Neck Pain
• Pain that radiates up and down from the shoulders to the arm
• Compromised movement
• Problems with lifting
• Disorientation while walking
• Muscle Spasms

How is the surgery performed?

The competent and board-certified doctors and surgery doctors at Complete Medical Wellness perform thoracic spine fusion through minimally invasive spine surgery. In minimally invasive spine surgery, spine specialists and spine surgeons make small incisions and use specialized instruments which cause minimal damage to the muscles, nerves, and tissue in the surgical area.

The thoracic spinal fusion is performed by the most experienced and professional spine surgeons in New Jersey (NJ). The surgery is minimally invasive; firstly, the patient is given general anesthesia. Secondly, the surgeons procure a bone graft from the bone bank or from the patient’s own body. Thirdly, the surgery dr places the bones grafts in the area where the spinal fusion is needed, often the surgeon secures the graft with screws. The bone graft is placed and secured through tubular retractors which are inserted in the body through small incisions. Once the fusion has been performed, the surgeon removes the retractors and closes the incisions.

The spinal fusion surgery is a minimally invasive procedure, it heals quickly with the proper care. The surgeons will recommend a follow-up check after 4-6 weeks of the surgery, X-rays will be performed to monitor the progress of the fusion. The surgeons will recommend physical therapy 4-6 weeks after the surgery, physical therapy is ideal for increasing strength in the lower back and increasing spinal range of movements.

Where to get the surgery?

Complete Medical Wellness Center houses a team of expert spine specialists and one of the finest spine surgeons in NJ. we provide the best thoracic spine treatments in NJ.

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The Spine specialists at Complete Medical Wellness will provide the best evaluation, diagnosis, surgery, and after-care. Moreover, the physical therapists at Complete Medical Wellness will guide your physical therapy to speed your recovery and rehabilitation.

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