Elbow Ligament Tear

What is Elbow Ligament Tear?

An Elbow Ligament Tear is an injury to one of the ligaments inside your elbow.

Elbow ligament injury is of critical importance because ligaments provide support and stability to the elbow joint to prevent angulation, rotation, and excessive motion in the joint.

An Elbow Ligament Tear may be caused by a sudden injury or a gradual rip in the ligament over time. The most common causes of the tear include throwing in sports such as baseball, cricket, and gymnastics, etc.

An elbow ligament tear is also called by a sprain; they are classified into three degrees with respect to severity. In a first-degree sprain, the ligament is injured and painful but not stretched. In the second-degree sprain, the ligament is stretched which causes pain, but the ligament remains functional.

In the final and third-degree sprain, the ligament is partially or completely torn, disabling the ligament from functioning naturally.

What are the Symptoms of Ligament Tear in Elbow?

An Elbow Ligament Tear is felt as a ‘popping’ sensation in the elbow. You may feel a pulling sensation accompanied by the pop and a warm feeling in the elbow, you will be unable to continue using your elbow afterwards.

Other symptoms of Elbow Ligament Tear include:

  • Pain in the elbow
  • Swelling and bruising in and around the elbow
  • Inability to straighten the elbow
  • Loss of strength in the arm and hand
Colored Xray 'elbow legament tear' illustration

What is the best Elbow Ligament Tear Treatment?

If the ligament is stretched but not torn than non-surgical treatments are recommended to heal the injured ligament. Non-surgical treatment options will typically include the following:

  • Give your elbow and arm Rest. Don’t undertake strenuous activity, it is advisable to limit everyday tasks as well.
  • Apply Ice on the elbow for 15-20 minutes, multiple times in a day. It can reduce swelling and encourage healing.
  • Wrap your elbow in bandages to provide compression. This can also speed healing.
  • Elevate your elbow by using a brace or propping it up on a cushion.
  • Use Non-Steroidal pain medication (on the advice of your doctor).
  • Use Non-Steroidal anti-inflammatory medication (on the advice of your doctor).

If an Elbow Ligament Tear does not heal with the above non-invasive treatments, then your doctor will recommend physical therapy. Physical therapy can take some time, but it is effective.

However, if the ligament is not showing any sign of improvement with physical therapy after 3-4 weeks of treatment, or if the ligament is torn, then a surgical option is necessary.

Surgical treatment for an Elbow Ligament Tear involves:

  • Repair of the ligament, or
  • Reconstruction of the ligament.

It is performed as an outpatient procedure which means that you will be able to leave the hospital on the same day as surgery.

It is a small operation with proven results. After the surgery, your doctor will recommend physical therapy to regain full use of your elbow.

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