Hand Fracture Treatments in NJ

What is a Hand Fracture?

A Hand fracture is a medical condition in which the continuity of one of the bones of the arm is broken. A hand fracture occurs when the bone breaks under pressure. The most common fractured hand symptoms include pain and constricted mobility. A hand fracture can occur from trauma or an existing medical condition.

Hand fracture treatment varies with the type and severity of the fracture. The four, hand fracture types are:

  • Stable Fracture: bone is broken but in alignment.
  • Unstable Fracture: bone is broken but the ends have moved away from each other, bone fragments may also be present.
  • Comminuted Fracture: in which the bone has broken into many pieces.
  • Compound Fracture: in which the bone has pierced through the skin.

How Do You Know You Fractured Your Hand?

Fractured hand symptoms commonly include the following:

  • A snapping or cracking sound when the bone breaks.
  • Intense and severe pain in the entire hand which radiates from the point of fracture.
  • Tenderness and swelling around the fractured, and pain may intensify upon pressing it.
  • Inability to move the hand.
  • The broken bone may be bent at an unnatural angle.
fracture examination at complete medical wellness

How are Hand Fractures Treated?

The first step of Hand Fracture treatment is diagnosis; the orthopedic surgeon will prescribe an x-ray to determine the hand fracture types. After the fracture has been diagnosed, the surgeon will prescribe one of the following hand fracture treatments:

  • A splint or cast for stable fractures.
  • A splint or cast for some unstable fractures in which the bone can be aligned with non-surgical methods. Unstable fractures which have resulted in bone fragments will be treated surgically.
  • For Comminuted fracture and compound fractures, surgical hand fracture treatment is appropriate. The surgeon will secure the shattered pieces of the bones with screws, plates, and rods. In some cases, a bone graft is surgically implanted in place of the pulverized bone.


How Long Do Hand Fractures Take to Heal?

Recovery from hand fracture depends on hand fracture types and the hand fracture treatment you have received. Generally, fractures treated with splints or casts will take between 4-8 weeks. Fractures that need surgery may take longer.

Recovery can be quickened with proper rest, the elevation of the hand, and a healthy diet. In some cases, follow-up surgery is performed to remove or readjust the screws, plates, and rods.


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