Knee Bursitis Treatments in NJ

What is Bursitis of the knee?
Knee Bursitis is the inflammation of small fluid-filled sacs which are situated near your knee joint. These sacs help reduce friction and cushion the pressure points between the tendons and bones.

It is possible that any of the bursa in the knee can be inflamed, causing knee bursitis, but it commonly occurs on the inner side of the knee or your knee cap.

It is important to seek proper knee bursitis treatment as it causes pain and limits mobility.

Bursitis Knee Symptoms

The signs and symptoms of knee bursitis vary, depending on which of the sac is affected and what is the underlying cause of the inflammation.

  • The affected area feels warm, tender, and swollen when applied pressure.
  • Pain even during rest that aggravates when you move.
  • Knee range of motion is compromised.
A knee structure ellaboration

Knee Bursitis Treatment

Knee bursitis treatment involves various methodologies, including medication, therapy, and surgical procedures

In order to ease the pain and discomfort caused by knee bursitis, it is advised to:

  • Rest your knee: Take a break from activities that put pressure on your knee and avoid movements that worsen the pain
  • Pain relief medication: take short-term anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin that help soothe the pain.
  • Apply ice: apply ice packs on the affected area several times a day for 20 minutes.
  • Apply compression: use a bursitis knee brace to apply compression on the affected area.
  • Elevate the affected knee with the use of pillows while you rest.

If these conservative treatments don’t relieve the symptoms, we recommend a proper checkup for knee bursitis treatment.

In case, the knee bursitis is caused by an infection, anti-bacterial medications are prescribed by our specialists. The whole course must be completed for results to manifest.

Sports Medicine Therapy is advisable, and a specialist helps the patient improve flexibility and strengthen the knee muscles. This therapy helps in alleviating pain and may also help reuse the risk of recurring knee bursitis.

Bursitis Knee Surgery h3

Our orthopedic specialists evaluate the degree of the knee bursitis condition and offer various procedures for knee bursitis treatment.

These procedures include:

  • Corticosteroid injections: These special injections are used against persistent bursitis that does not respond to conservative treatment modalities. The specialist injects a corticosteroid drug into the affected bursa. This rapidly subsides the inflammation, and the pain and swelling go away in a couple of days.
  • Aspirations: Our orthopedic specialists aspirate the bursa to reduce the excess fluid and treat the inflammation. A needle is injected in the affected area, and the fluid is drained by a syringe.
  • Surgery: A surgical removal of the infected bursa is performed by making an incision on the top of the knee. As the bursa is located in front of the patella, the knee joint is not invaded.

Complete Medical Wellness provides effective bursitis knee surgery in NJ.

Bursitis Knee Recovery Time

Bursitis knee recovery time depends upon the severity of the condition and the treatment modality used. However, the time it takes to heal the condition varies, but results can be achieved in 2 to 8 weeks or less, when proper management is implemented.


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