Dr. J Adrian Wright is an exceptional physician and researcher. He has published many reputable medical journals and research papers during his career. Dr. Wright, although involved in various research initiatives, is still actively engaged in the management and care of his patients.

Dr. J. Adrian Wright is a fellowship-trained exceptional physician and researcher in New York. As a highly qualified and board-certified physician, he has many years of valuable experience working with pediatric and adult patients under his supervision.

Dr. Wright has published many reputable and informative medical journals and research papers during his career, most notably during his time at the University of Oxford. With an excellent educational background, Dr. Wright has contributed a lot in medicine during his time at Harvard University. He became more involved with quality matric studies and rapid improvement events at Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates. Dr. Wright used his exceptional knowledge in serving the roster review team to pioneer many parts of the process that led to the development of control measures in the Epic system of Reporting Workbench. These initiatives led to his thesis and book publication on the roster review as a productive means of chronic disease management care.

As a keen researcher Dr. Wright is involved in various research initiatives, while still actively engaged in patient management and care. His main objective is to deliver the most reliable, effective, and best quality treatment to his patients.

Education & Training

  • Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science from Lynchburg College.
  • Awarded the Vanauken Fellowship Award in 2006.
  • Masters of Science in Molecular Biology from Harvard University.
  • Received American Medical Writers’ Association Award.
  • Completed an internship and residency at Lenox Hill Hospital, New York.
  • Editor-in-Chief of PMR and committee member of the Harvard Book Award Scholarship Committee.

Professional Associations

  • Holds the only FDA approved Pediatric CT Imaging in the Northeast.

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