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As the most vital part of the body, the human spine is involved in two basic functions. Firstly, it provides structural support and stability to the human body; secondly, it protects a channel of nerves that are involved in the transmission of signals from the brain to the skeletal muscles. Certain spine disorders may occur as a result of a sports injury or aging. It may cause severe pain, stiffness, numbness, tingling, and in some cases, it may lead to herniated discs or degenerative disc problems.
To address spine-related disorders, our board-certified neuro spine specialists at Complete Medical Wellness are offering effective minimally invasive treatment options to their patients. Visit our neuro spine Department at Caldwell New Jersey and start living a pain-free life today.


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    During your first appointment, expect to get consulted by our fellowship-trained and board-certified neuro spine specialists. The specialist will ask about your medical history and symptoms during your initial visit.

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    For an accurate evaluation and diagnosis, he may suggest diagnostic imaging tests to get a better understanding of your symptoms and severity of the disease.

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    After deeply studying your test reports, he will proceed further with a treatment plan to fasten your recovery process.

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