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The human spinal cord serves the most basic function of providing structural support and stability to the body while working as a brain processing unit. An average individual may suffer from different neuro spine diseases due to aging, injury, or any other neuro-disorder. The most common conditions associated with neuro spine diseases may include slipped disc, herniated disc, disc degeneration disease, pinched nerve, lumbar spinal stenosis, head, neck, or lower left back pain. These conditions, if not timely addressed, leads to further complications.
Our team of fellowship-trained neurosurgeons or neuro spine specialists at Complete Medical Wellness in Edgewater, NJ, are here to offer the most effective minimally invasive neurosurgical and neuro spine treatment options that best suit your needs. We provide the latest and most advanced radiculopathy, lumbar or cervical disc replacement, and herniated disc treatment at our neuro spine treatment. Visit our “Neuro Spine Department” and get the ultimate neuro spine treatment you deserve.


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    At your first visit, our Neuro Spine Specialist will ask you detailed questions about your history and in case of an injury, he may ask you about the possible causes.

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    He may conduct neurological examination after observing your symptoms. In case of severe pain, he will suggest diagnostic imaging tests which may include MRI, CT scan, X-ray etc,. He may also suggest a Stress Test in case of chronic pain.

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    Depending upon the test results, he may further proceed with different treatment options, including both surgical and non-surgical.

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