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Physical therapy is an efficient technique that involves the evaluation, assessment, and treatment plan of people suffering from functional mobility limitations. Physical therapy involves the direct manipulation of muscles, joints etc. and helps in managing chronic knee pain, neck pain, elbow pain, lower back pain, shoulder pain, and musculoskeletal disorders. We treat our patients by the utilization of manual therapies including therapeutic massage, and Kinesio taping.
To get rid of your lower back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, or musculoskeletal disorders, consult with our board-certified physical therapists at the physical therapy department of Complete Medical Wellness in Jersey City, NJ. After examining your situation, our therapists will offer customized physical therapy services, including therapeutic massage, joint mobilization, soft tissue mobilization, aquatic therapy, myofascial release therapy, and Kinesio taping. Enhance your mobility with our expert physical therapists and get the most reliable and guaranteed results!

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    When you first visit our center, you will be greeted by our receptionist that will confirm your appointment and fill out any forms that may be necessary. You will be meeting your physical therapist. Make sure you are wearing non-obstructive clothing.

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    Your physical therapist will get to know you, learn about your medical history, your symptoms, and any specific conditions. They will then perform tests that may also include some imaging and ROM tests.

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    After carefully examining you and your test results, your physical therapist will devise a therapy plan that will best suit your needs and is result-oriented. In some cases, you may expect to get your first session afterward.

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