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Ageing, stress, injury, disease, or genetic issues cause our skin to lose its youthful firm feel. Fat around the abdominal area becomes exercise-resistant; the lower body starts to lose proportion. All these issues cause further stress and often do not reflect the energy and enthusiasm we feel inside.
Match your inner youthful self with the appearance of your skin and body. Get the elegant, natural-looking results at Complete Medical Wellness’ Jersey City Plastic & Reconstructive department; we have helped hundreds of people regain their confidence.

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    During your initial consultation, our board-certified plastic surgeon will get to know you and your medical history.

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    He may suggest a physical examination, during which he may mark your skin with an easy-wash marker to explain the incision line (if any). The specialist may also show you the results with the help of a computer program.

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    The specialist may discuss different options with you on how to approach the issue. You may ask him questions to get clarity.After thorough evaluation and discussion, you and your specialist will reach on a decided date and procedure.

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