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Due to the natural aging process, injuries, disease, stress, or genetic issues, our skin and body look older. Although it is unpreventable, you can still look younger. These problems can become a significant source of stress for you and can badly affect your self-confidence. Our Reconstructive and Plastic Surgeons are experts in their specialty area and offer effective treatment options, including orthognathic surgery, tissue expansion, and septoplasty.
At Complete Medical Wellness, our highly-trained Reconstructive and Plastic Surgeons perform the most efficient and reliable reconstructive plastic surgery to improve functional impairments due to burns, traumatic injuries, congenital abnormalities, or infection. Visit our plastic & reconstructive surgical department in Paramus, NJ, today, and restore both function and form of damaged and injured body parts. We offer safe and efficient surgical operations with minimized risks and complications.

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    At your initial appointment, our plastic & cosmetic specialist will get to know you and learn about your expectations and medical history.

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    You might need to undergo a physical examination depending on the procedure you wish to have; the specialist may also mark the skin with an easy wash marker to give you an idea about the procedure. He may also use a computer program to provide you with a realistic view of the results.

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    You and your specialist will discuss the procedure; he will guide you on which one is the best for you. You may ask questions and address any concerns you may have. After a thorough evaluation, examination, and discussion, you and your specialist will decide the specific procedure and the date.

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