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The human musculoskeletal system is an integral part of the body that ensures movement and stability. It comprises of tendons, ligaments, joints, and bones. Any disorder in the musculoskeletal system may lead to many orthopedic injuries. These musculoskeletal disorders may generate a sports injury, genetic disorders, stress fractures, bone pain, and bursitis of the knee, hip, or elbow region.
For proper orthopedic diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of your musculoskeletal disorders, visit Complete Medical Wellness in Ridgewood, New Jersey. Our expert professionals’ team provides advanced and state-of-the-art ACL reconstruction surgery, arthroscopic knee surgery, cartilage restoration, and trigger finger release. Our team of fellowship-trained and board-certified orthopedic specialists serves the community and has demonstrated a proven specialized direct orthopedic care experience to their clients. Feel young and regain your movement with our direct orthopedic care!


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    At your initial visit, expect an evaluation test from your orthopedic specialist. He’ll go through your medical history and observe all your symptoms.

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    After this, you may be asked to undergo a diagnostic imaging test, for instance an X-ray, MRI, or CT scan, to check the level of severity. The orthopedic doctor may also suggest a range motion test for the evaluation of joints mobility.

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    After critical evaluation of your tests, your orthopedic doctor may suggest a surgical or non-surgical treatment depending upon the level of severity of the injury.

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