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Our spinal cord is responsible for providing structural support and stability to the body. Our brain functioning may get affected due to aging or any other neural disorder and may become a reason for neurospine diseases. Disc herniation, slipped disc, disc degeneration disease, lower back pain, pinched nerve, and lumbar spinal stenosis are among the most common neurospine diseases. These conditions may get severe if a proper treatment plan is not ensured timely.

Our team of licensed neurosurgeons or neuro spine specialists at Complete Medical Wellness in Scotch Plains, NJ, is here to deliver the most advanced minimally invasive neuro spine treatment options according to your condition. Avail of the most reliable herniated disc treatment, lumbar disc replacement, radiculopathy, and cervical disc replacement at our neuro spine department.


Most Common Neuro Spine Conditions & Procedures


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    At your first visit, expect to get consulted by our board-certified neuro spine specialists. He will diagnose your problem after listening to your medical history and health status.

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    Before suggesting a treatment plan, he may ask you for neurological examination and advanced imaging tests for an accurate diagnosis of the disease.

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    Based on your test results and your medical history, the specialist will recommend the best treatment for you.

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