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Pain is a signal of the body that indicates an underlying illness, disease, or injury. Neck, lower back, knee, elbow, or hip region are some of the most common triggering points of pain. The pain in the neck, lower back, or leg region may get chronic if left untreated. At Complete Medical Wellness, we offer the most advanced and reliable pain management solutions for alleviating pain.
Our fellowship-trained pain management doctors and physicians offer highly exceptional and customized pain management treatment at our pain management department in Scotch Plains, NJ. Our specialized pain management doctors provide a highly advanced viscosupplementation procedure, genicular nerve block, Iovera treatment, and thermal radiofrequency ablation. Treat your chronic pain today with our team of expert physicians!


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    During your initial visit, expect to get treated by our committed and excellent pain specialists. At first, he may ask you some questions related to your previous medical record and current health status.

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    After going through a routine physical examination, he may suggest diagnostic imaging tests depending upon the severity of your symptoms.

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    Your pain Specialist may suggest a suitable treatment plan after thoroughly assessing your test results.

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