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Due to certain diseases, injury, or aging, we develop pain in specific areas of our body. These pain hotspots on the neck, knee, back, elbow, and hip continue to ruin our routines. If left untreated, pain can become chronic and cause more unpleasant conditions.
Visit our Pain Management Department in Staten Island, NY, and get treated by our pain management specialists. Our devoted and board-certified pain specialists at Complete Medical Wellness provide their expertise and relieve the pain of many people. Avail a chance to treat your acute and chronic pain with our minimally invasive procedures and start moving again!


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    During your initial consultation, our pain management specialist will learn about your symptoms, your medical history, and will get to know you.

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    The specialist may ask you to undergo certain imaging tests, along with mobility and range of motion tests. This gives the specialist a better picture of the underlying issue causing the pain.

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    After proper evaluation of your tests and medical history, the specialist will recommend an effective pain treatment plan for you.

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