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The musculoskeletal system of our body acts as the most vital structural unit helps in proper functioning and movement of joints and bones. The stability of the human body relies solely on the physical functionality of this system. Certain musculoskeletal conditions may cause fractures, wounds, or injuries in the bones and joints.
For complete diagnosis and assessment of the musculoskeletal disorders, visit Complete Medical Wellness in Union City, New Jersey. Our excellent trained orthopedic specialists have been serving this community from many years, we promise & offer quality treatment to our patients that ultimately become highly satisfied individuals after getting results. We are also specialized in sports medicine.


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    During your initial visit, expect to meet our board-certified orthopedic specialist. He will get to know you and learn about your symptoms and your medical history.

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    Then, depending upon the severity, he may ask you to go through diagnostic imaging physical tests, e.g., MRI, CT Scan, or X-ray.

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    Based on your test, reports, symptoms, and medical history, our orthopedic specialist will recommend and apply a treatment that best suits you.

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