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As a consequence of aging, our body parts start displaying wear and tear due to years of stress. Your internal stress can create an obvious impact on the face and other body parts. As an adverse effect, the skin starts to look dull and pale. The prevailing condition may become a reason for the outset of wrinkles, and ultimately you lose the youthfulness and confidence that was once a part of you. Different cosmetic issues may arise as a result of a disease, an injury, or genetic issues.
Now get ready to look the age you feel inside with our state of the art non-invasive and minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures at Complete Medical Wellness’ Westfield NJ Plastic & Reconstructive Center. With our board-certified cosmetic specialists, we are here to help you achieve the looks and body you always desired for!

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    At your initial appointment with our specialist, he will get to know you and your medical history.

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    Our specialist may ask you to undergo a physical examination test. He may also mark your skin in the area of interest to show you the incision pattern, if any. For showing the results of the procedure, he may also use a specialized computer program.

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    To remove all your treatment-related concerns, our specialist will guide you and give you options about available procedures, or you may ask any questions to get a clear perspective about your desired results. After a mutual consensus, our specialist will reach on a decided date and the best-suited treatment after addressing all your concerns.

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