Symptoms, Available Treatments and Cost to Fix Varicose Veins


The cost to fix varicose veins is a much-debated topic as it is one of the frequently asked questions by the patients. In the following article, you will get to know the symptoms, causes, available treatments and cost to fix varicose veins in the case of both surgical and non-surgical procedures. 


  • Varicose veins swell, enlarge, and twist over time, giving a rough exterior to legs. 
  • The vein color usually turns blue and then purple over time if left untreated. 
  • The treatment cost of varicose veins depends on the procedure recommended by the vein specialist. 
  • According to an estimated range, the cost to treat varicose veins is between 600-3000 dollars. 
  • The cost may vary in the case of self-funded and health insured patients. 


What are Varicose Veins?

A medical condition in which the veins bulge out and turn to blue or purple is termed as varicose veins. These veins get inflamed over time. This condition is most commonly observed in pregnant women and obese people. These veins usually appear at the lower part of the legs.  

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Causes of Varicose Veins:

The actual cause of varicose veins is the inability of valves to carry out normal blood flow of the body unidirectional. This dysfunction usually occurs as a result of weakened valves or veins over time. Or it can also happen in the case of putting extra pressure on the legs or abdominal area. It mostly occurs in times of pregnancy, or when the body is obese enough to prevent normal vein function. 

Latest Technique used to Treat Varicose Veins:

A minimally invasive technique has emerged as the latest trend to treat varicose veins. This technique is far better than routine surgical procedures and is considered a gold standard in varicose vein treatments by vein specialists. 

actual cause of varicose veins is the inability of valves
image of a procedure to treat varicose veins

Routine Surgical Procedure VS Latest Laser Ablation:

The usual surgical procedure to treat varicose veins is High Ligation, and Saphenous Vein Stripping (also termed as the HLS group). This procedure is highly effective as the veins that were sealed due to surgery stay closed. 
But in the case of the latest laser ablation technique, there are chances of reopening of veins again. But as the procedure makes use of minimally invasive techniques, it is more preferred by the patients.  

Cost to Fix Varicose Veins:

The cost to fix varicose veins depends upon the procedure recommended by the Vein Specialist. This recommendation is made on the severity of the varicose veins.  
In the case of surgical procedures, the cost to fix varicose veins may range from 1500-3000 Dollars. But if the varicose veins start to appear at an average rate instead of getting severe, then they can be treated through minimally invasive procedures or laser ablation. The cost for such treatment may range from 600-3000 dollars.

Varying Cost for Self-Funded or Health Insured Patients:

The prices may vary in the case of both self-funded & health insured patients. Those patients who have to bear the cost on their own find it as a costly treatment for varicose veins. But surprisingly, the patients who have access to health insurance do not see any burden to get themselves treated. The procedure is free of cost for health insured patients. 

actual cause of varicose veins is the inability of valves
Image of symptoms related to varicose veins

Symptoms of the Varicose Veins:

Specific symptoms are associated with varicose veins. These symptoms may include:  

  • Heaviness in legs.  
  • Swollen legs.  
  • Aching legs.  
  • Burning and Throbbing Pain.  
  • Muscle Cramps.  
  • Discoloration of skin around the affected area.  
  • Vein color may change into a bluish or purplish tone.  
  • Highly visible bulging of veins around legs.  
  • Bleeding of veins.  
  • Ulcers, in severe cases.  

If you are facing any one or all of the above symptoms, there is a much higher chance of you getting affected by the varicose veins.

When should you visit a Vein Specialist?

If you have taken all the preventive steps and changed your lifestyle to eradicate Varicose Veins, but still you’re not noticing any positive change, then you must visit a Vein Specialist. Your Vein Specialist will offer you an invasive or minimally invasive procedure such as ” Laser Ablation.” The method will be recommended depending upon the severity and condition of varicose veins.  

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Schedule an Appointment at CMW with our Board-Certified Vein Specialists:  
Varicose Veins get problematic if they are left untreated. We recommend you to visit Complete Medical Wellness for a proper consultation and complete medical advice. Our team of experts and board-certified Vein Specialists will offer you minimally invasive procedures or surgery depending upon your case severity.  
Our specialists will give you honest advice after a medical checkup or after performing a physical examination of your legs. All the available treatments will be discussed with the patient prior to making any decision. The procedure opted would be recommended based on the symptoms and size of varicose veins.  

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