Phlebectomy Vein Treatment

Varicose Veins is a condition that creates displeasing and painful clusters on legs. Phlebectomy is an effective vein treatment. Get your legs healthy today at Complete Medical Wellness (CMW). 

Phlebectomy Vein Treatment

The procedure Phlebotomy is used to remove varicose veins. Complete Medical Wellness Center provides its patients with reliable Phlebectomy treatment in NJ and NY.   

Phlebectomy surgery, when performed by our experts, permanently removes superficial veins. The procedure is minimally invasive and causes little discomfort.   

Ambulatory phlebectomy results in impressive cosmetic and clinical results. The procedure represents a significant improvement in the treatment modalities for varicose veins.   

The diseased veins are permanently removed from the body with minimal risk of complications, and the patients are able to walk out of Complete Medical Wellness Centers very soon after the procedure.  

The procedure is covered by most medical insurance programs, including Medicare. 

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Who Needs the Procedure

Patients who have received treatment for saphenous vein reflux or treatment for varicose veins that are not caused by saphenous vein reflux are usually recommended to undergo phlebectomy.  

Ambulatory Phlebectomy is a minimally invasive procedure, which removes problematic veins through tiny incisions under local anesthesia. This procedure helps reduce vascular diseases. 

As a patient, you might get easily overwhelmed by the options of treatments like vascular surgery and laser treatments for leg veins available for varicose veins, at Complete Medical Wellness Center we offer our patients with thorough examinations by our experts. Our experts will help you in making a decision.   

Our experts only provide with the best treatment option for you after they have examined and evaluated your problem and discussed the treatment options.  Patients of varicose veins who have developed Chronic Venous Insufficiency. Chronic Venous Insufficiency is the major cause of malfunctioning vein valves in the leg of the patient. This causes the blood to flow in the wrong direction leading all kind of unpleasant symptoms of the leg.     


How is it Performed 

At Complete Medical Wellness Centers in New Jersey and New York, patients can avail the finest vein treatments. The procedure is performed by our specialists who start off by examination of the affected area thoroughly.   

After our experts have evaluated the problem completely, they schedule an appointment for the procedure. At the day of the procedure, patients are gently rested on a bed; then the skin is cleansed and prepared for the procedure. The cleansing is important as it minimizes the threat of contamination. The problematic veins are marked, and after that, a local anesthetic is utilized to numb the area on which the procedure is to be performed.   

Our experts start off by making a tiny incision about the size of the tip of a common ballpoint pen. After the incision has been made, the doctor uses a special sterilized instrument to grab and gently extract the diseased veins out of the body and close of the problematic veins permanently.   

The procedure is desirable not only because no sutures are required, but also because the incisions heal naturally and quickly.   

Phlebectomy procedures typically take two hours or less, making it easier for patients with tight and busy schedules.   

After the procedure is completed, the doctor recommends the patient to start walking immediately as it speeds up the phlebectomy recovery. Also, patients are suggested to wear compression stockings to get best cosmetic results.  

Complete Medical Wellness (CMW) offers its patients with comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for their venous problems.  

Call us today to rid yourself permanently from Varicose Veins.