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Who We Are and What We Do?

Complete Medical Wellness medical center is a multi-specialty medical group with some of the best fellowship trained board-certified neuro spine surgeons in the nation. Our highly qualified board-certified neuro spine physicians focus on treating back pain, neck pain, and neurological pain. State-of-the-art nonsurgical treatments and experienced neurosurgeons offer the help you need to get back to the life you love.

At Complete Medical Wellness we understand our patients’ challenges and we are fully committed to providing them with the best neuro spine treatments they need and deserve.

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Neuro Spine Surgery in Westfield New Jersey

You can have a pain free life.

That is a simple sounding statement, but truthfully there are several methods to make it a reality. At Complete Medical Wellness our board-certified neuro spine surgeon recognize that every condition is dissimilar, and we have a variety of ways to aid.

In fact, our spine doctors are specialists in non-surgical treatments for spinal disorders. But if surgical procedure is necessary, our board-certified spine surgeons and neurosurgeons are the absolute best in the minimally invasive spine surgery field. Modern techniques can often be done with minimally invasive procedures and result in quicker recovery time, in fact.

We treat a broad range of spinal deformity and spinal cord conditions, offering effective non-surgical and surgical treatments options modified to address the following spine pain conditions:

• Cervical and neck pain

• Thoracic back pain

• Lumbar back pain

• Sacroiliac joint

• Peripheral nerves pain

• Herniated disc pain

• Chronic pain, and many more.

Our board-certified world-class spine doctors use their specialized training, years of experience, along with advanced technology to assist you in regaining movement and improving the quality of your life. Although some conditions, such as significant spine distortion, extensive trauma, infection or spinal tumors; are typically treated with spinal surgery, our expert medical team will help and direct you through all available spine treatments options.

Complete Medical Wellness medical care center with its convenient locations across New Jersey and New York is your only stop to get reliable and effective top-class neuro-spine surgery in Westfield, NJ.

In addition, you can rest assured that we will be assisting you throughout all steps of your treatment and recovery plan.

At Complete Medical Wellness, your medical care is the focus of our practice.

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