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Who We Are and What We Do?

Complete Medical Wellness medical center is a multi-specialty medical group with some of the best fellowship trained board-certified pain management specialists.

We understand the impact on all areas of your life, both physical and emotional.

The negative implications to your work, your family, and your day-to-day activities can be detrimental and often result in depression and anxiety.

Our pain doctors specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of back pain, neck pain, joint and body extremities pain. Once identified the cause of pain, our pain management specialists can put together an individualized treatment plan for you.

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Pain Management Treatments in Westfield NJ

We know that both acute and chronic pain can stop you from continuing your daily life activities. Conditions like nerve root pain, herniated discs, neck pain, joint pain or back pain can seriously be weakening.

Our highly qualified board-certified pain management doctors will diagnose and treat your musculoskeletal pain by providing different pain treatments such as spinal cord stimulation, trigger point injections, and minimally invasive procedures that can be done under local anesthetic procedures.

So whether you are suffering pain from a sports injury, car accident, post-surgery or living with chronic pain from illness, our specialized pain management specialists – who are fellowship trained in physical medicine, rehabilitation and anesthesiology – can use the latest techniques and pain management treatment options to give you the long term relief you wanted.

Complete Medical Wellness medical center provides comprehensive pain management treatments in Westfield NJ. If you want to stop living in pain and limitations, contact us today to restore your life to its full potential!

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