Varicose veins are distended, twisted and perverted veins. Veins of the legs are most prone to it because walking and standing increase the pressure of blood in the lower body. For most of the people varicose veins or spider veins are a cosmetic concern, but for some, it causes discomfort and pain.

Varicose veins treatment is not taken somber usually, and people think that it’s okay to avoid it. Generally, varicose veins are not a first health problem as it causes pain in legs, itching, and swelling, etc., which are considered as minor issues and get avoided by people because of their busy life routine and no time for petty problems.

When varicose veins are left untreated, minor problems caused by them turn into major issues. They lead to rigorous health concerns in the long go such as minor pigmentation of skin can lead to thrombosis and deep vein ulcers.

Symptoms Of Vein Varicose

When varicose veins are not causing any pain and discomfort, the symptoms you might feel can be:

  • Dark purple and blur colored veins on the surface of the skin. Blood pool in your veins causes the discoloration.
  • The appearance of bulging and twisted veins.
  • When varicose veins cause pain and tenderness, the symptoms and signs may include:
  • Consistent and aching pain in your legs
  • Heavy feeling in your lower body
  • Cramping muscles, swelling, throbbing and burning in the legs
  • Itching around some of the veins
  • Difficulty in standing or sitting for a long time
  • Discoloration or darkened skin around varicose veins

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What Happens When The Vein Varicose Treatment Is Avoided?

Leg Ulcers

Vein varicose don’t themselves cause ulcers, but it’s the side effect of varicose veins that these ulcers are formed out of minor issues which we don’t take into consideration seriously. Ulcers are produced in the legs with the pooling of blood. Timely treatment can cure the problem of the very start, but when appropriate treatment is avoided insufficient vein performance can lead to the creation of ulcers.


Varicose veins cause hyperpigmentation of skin which is not considered as a serious issue as it does not leave suffer from any permanent or life-threatening effects. Symptoms of hyperpigmentation occur when the surface is, or the color of skin is darkened. This happens because of the poor performance of veins which causes inflammation and veins to become swollen leading to severe skin diseases and allergies in the longer run.

DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis)

Varicose veins stop the flow of blood in the whole body thus causing severe problems in blood circulation. This happens because of blood clotting. Clots of blood are formed in different veins, mostly in legs, and they block the veins because of which blood is not delivered to all parts of the body properly. This reduced blood circulation gives rise to many other health-related issues with time.

Blood clotting is not considered a severe issue until and unless it starts causing real suffering or significant damage to the functioning of the body. When it is not given timely attention and treatment, the clots may travel to other parts of the body causing life-threatening effects which can sometimes put the patient in serious trouble. Such as if the lump goes to the heart, it can stop its working and blood circulation may end as well. If it travels to the lungs side, it can put the patient in situations like Pulmonary Embolism, which comes in the category of fatal diseases.

Therefore, varicose veins may not cause any severe concern initially, but they do cause real harm to your health with time if not treated timely.

Do not consider varicose veins a minor issue and get yourself an appointment today for the treatment. We aim to provide our patients with an interview with the best doctors, who can physically examine and then offer better treatment options to them. We have most professional and qualified doctors available with us, ready to help you ease you’re suffering with their experience and skills. Our professionals are expert at dealing with minor and major issues related to the varicose veins. If you are worried about your health and don’t want to put yourself through more suffering, contact Complete Medical Wellness and get an appointment with the best doctors in the town just with one phone call to know what options you have for the treatment for varicose.

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