How to Avail Our Telemedicine Services During COVID-19 Outbreak ?

The older people are much prone to be attacked by this epidemic disease COVID-19. Here in this article, we will give you an insight into the details about how you can avail the maximum of our services by staying at home.


  • COVID-19 has proved to be the biggest challenge of the 21st century for the field of medical sciences.
  • Adults and people with a weak immune system are most vulnerable to getting attacked by this COVID-19 break.
  • In such emergencies staying home is the safest and secure option you can adopt.
  • As there’s still no proven medical treatment for this Coronavirus, it is disturbing all the regular activities.
  • Telemedicine visiting has proven itself as one of the most latest and emerging services in medical sciences.


What is COVID-19?

COVID-19 is a new strain of Coronavirus that appeared in the year 2019. It quickly turned into an epidemic and took the lives of many people in almost all parts of the world. The most affected people were mainly the residents of China, Italy, and America.

According to the New York Times, New York City is now the epicenter of COVID-19.

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Who Is Most Vulnerable to Getting Infected by This Disease?

Everyone has an equal chance of getting infected by this disease. But, old age people and people with a weak immune system are more likely to get affected by this. The chances of getting severely ill are higher in them as their immune system is weak.

What are Telemedicine Services?

All the health-care related services, which make use of the Telecommunication sector, are termed as Telemedicine services. These services are provided to facilitate the patients and doctors in case of emergencies, where the physical presence of the patient near the doctor may not be the best idea.

The doctors can remotely work from home and provide their services to their patients in need through specific channels, including Telemedicine Video Visits. It came up as an emerging concept to give ease to people all around the world. It also provides an option for people to be aware of health care solutions during any emergency.

Telemedicine Services & COVID-19 Outbreak:

During this deadly outbreak of COVID-19, many people are unable to carry out their normal activities of daily life, including routine checkups. Staying home is the safest option so far to avoid getting in contact with this viral disease through any means.

In such miserable conditions, our doctors can’t sit back and stop performing their duties just because of this outbreak. So, there was a dire need for adopting services that can help both patients and doctors at the same time. Telemedicine Services are now offering patients from all over the world to get connected with their Specialists, Doctors, or Consultants for regularly updating them with their medical condition.

Advantages of Availing Telemedicine Services:

One of the main benefits of Telemedicine services is that all your daily checkups and alerts come in your access staying at home. It has made people’s lives easy and convenient in a manner that they don’t have to go anywhere for their regular checkups. They can avail of this opportunity by staying home without putting their lives into the risk of getting attacked by viral diseases.

This virus is more prone to old aged people. Their safety is the number one priority of all health care institutions right now. Telemedicine services offer a great advantage to people all around the world, so they can adopt social distancing and other safety measures without risking their lives.

Telemedicine Services with Complete Medical Wellness:

With Complete Medical Wellness, you can now make yourself feel more secure and safe, as we are going to continue our medical services with our patients even in this COVID-19 outbreak. We are here to serve our community, especially people of old age. Your health is our topmost priority.

Staying home and connecting with us is the safest option you can avail of for now. You don’t have to miss your regular checkups. You can continue coming for consultation and advice with your Specialized Doctors through a “Telemedicine Video Visit.”

Schedule your appointment today for a Telemedicine Video Visit.

How Will Telemedicine Video Visit Work?

Whether you are planning to schedule a video visit as a first-time patient or you are just preparing for follow-up advice with your CMW specialist, our representative will guide you on how to avail a video visit with your specialist.

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Important Notice:

Make sure you are in a quiet and private room or place during your Telemedicine Video Visit, so there is no disturbance, and you are able to communicate your medical concerns during the appointment.

Keep your medical history record or earlier prescriptions handy during the appointment. Our top priority is that you stay safe, and will be doing our best to make that happen.

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