Coronavirus Victims, History, Current Stats, Effected Areas & Preventive Measurements to be taken.In this article Complete Medical Wellness sheds light on it.


  • Since its discovery in 1965, Seven human coronaviruses are discovered until now 3 out 7  have proved deadly, killing 1600+ people worldwide. 
  • SARS coronavirus erupted in 2003, causing 774 fatalities.
  • MERS coronavirus erupted in 2012, causing 858 fatalities.
  • The 2019 Novel Coronavirus erupted in December 2019. 
  • China has imposed domestic and international travel restrictions to contain the entire city of Wuhan is in quarantine.  
  • European, Asian, Australian, and American countries have issued several traveling warnings to and from China. 
  • The US government has imposed heavy travel restrictions.

To date,  the 2019 coronavirus outbreak has infected more than 28,296+  people and killed 560+. These numbers are changing, to view the latest, follow this link.  

Coronavirus has spread to multiple provinces in China, as well as 27 other countries around the globe. Till Now.

The first Coronavirus Victims death reported outside was in the Philippines. Other countries are taking serious precautionary measures to prevent an epidemic within their borders.

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Coronavirus Victims Affected Areas.

Current Stats of Coronavirus Epidemic

The Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at John Hopkins University has set up a live tracking toll for the pandemic. According to the live toll, till date:

  • 28000+ people are affected by the coronavirus outbreak. 
  • 560+ deaths have been confirmed.  

The United States government has imposed entry and travel restrictions: 

Foreign nationals who visited China in the past 14 days will be barred from entering, while Americans who visited province at the center of an outbreak will be quarantined”- The Wall Street Journal 

Coronavirus – History

Coronavirus is the common name for a large family of enveloped viruses that were first identified in the 1960s.

(Read more about the origin & biology of Coronavirus here). 

They cause infectious upper tract respiratory illnesses in human beings. The most common symptoms of the infection include runny nose, cough, fever, and breathing difficulties.  

In severe cases, people may experience pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure, and systematic organ failure, which may eventually lead to death.

1965 – Discovery of Common Human Coronavirus

The history of human Coronaviruses starts from 1965 when virologists found an agent in the tracheal tissues of a human adult suffering from the common cold.  

The Coronavirus identified was dubbed 229E and was categorized as a common Coronavirus. Individuals infected with this virus displayed cold-like symptoms that were easily treatable.  

In the following decade, three more strains of the human Coronavirus were discovered; all of them demonstrated low morbidity and mortality.  

2003 – Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (SARS-CoV)

Three decades after the original discovery, scientists became aware of more lethal strains of the human Coronavirus.

Given the increased frequency and the zoonotic nature of the Coronavirus, it was not surprising when a new strain of the virus broke out in China in 2003. 

Unlike the previous strains, this new type of Coronavirus replicated easily, which is why it spread to more than 24 countries before the outbreak could be contained.  

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), SARS infected 8000+ people worldwide, out of which 774 people died of the virus.  

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that in 2012, SARS-CoV was categorized as a select agent, an agent that is a threat to public health and safety.   

2012 – Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV)

The MERS-CoV epidemic broke out in Saudi Arabia in 2012.  

The World Health Organization reported 2494 confirmed cases of MERS, including 858 associated deaths. 

This strain of human Coronavirus transmitted to humans through camels. 

2019 – Novel Coronavirus (2019 – nCoV)

In 2019 a new and lethal strain of the Coronavirus was identified in the port city of Wuhan, in the central Hubei province of China. 

The Washington Post reported that on December 31, the city government notified WHO that several cases of pneumonia have erupted across Wuhan.  

The infection spread rapidly, and by January 5, 40 cases were confirmed. Local authorities found that the virus was similar to SARS, and on January 7, it was confirmed that the infection was caused by a new strain of the Coronavirus. 

On January 11, the new coronavirus; 2019-nCoV claimed the life of its first victim in China. On January 13, 2019-nCoV went international as a case was confirmed in Thailand.  

On January 17, a second patient lost his life to this lethal virus. By January 20, China had confirmed cases of more than 200 infections within and outside the Hubei province.  

On January 22, the death toll jumped to 17 in China, creating great alarm in the international community. Air and rail transportation from Hubei province were suspended to try and contain the outbreak.  

As of today, 28,200+ confirmed cases and 560+ deaths have been reported.  

Preventive Measures

To prevent yourself from being among Coronavirus Victims, the CDC has issued guidelines for public health and safety. These good hygiene practices and prevention tips will help prevent the spread of the infectious virus.   

Practice the following guidelines to prevent coronavirus:  

  • Cover your mouth and nose when sneezing, coughing, and yawning. You may cover your face with a tissue. 
  • Throw the tissue away in the bin after use. 
  • Clean your hands with soap or hand sanitizer after sneezing or coughing. 
  • Periodically clean hands with soap and water or alcohol-based hand rub.
  • Avoid traveling with people who are coughing or sneezing.  
  • Avoid touching nose, mouth, and eyes.  


Complete Medical Wellness – Ready & Able to Serve Our Community

Being a medical facility, Complete Medical Wellness feels an overwhelming responsibility to serve its community and help resist this lethal virus.   
We want you and the rest of the USA to remain safe and healthy.  

What can we do for you? 

How to Protect Yourself from Corona Virus?

  • CMW shall provide WHO-approved guidelines to help you and your loved ones remain safe from this deadly virus.
  • Our doctors will explain preventive and precautionary measures.
  • Quick Referrals to Equipped Facilities

We want you to feel safe and healthy. Visit any Complete Medical Wellness Center today for a consultation, or call us at (877)-241-2772. 

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