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What is a Biceps & Triceps Tear?
A Biceps tear occurs when one of the three Biceps tendons are partially or completely torn from the bone due to injury or illness, whereas a Triceps tendon tear is an injury to any of the three heads of the Triceps muscle which causes pain among other symptoms. A Triceps tear can result in partial or full detachment of the tendon from the bone.

What Are the Symptoms of Biceps & Triceps Tear?
A biceps or triceps tendon injury may cause the following problems:

  • A tearing sensation at the time of injury.
  • Swelling.
  • Bruising.
  • Pain in the affected area and the whole arm.
  • Weakness in the arm.
  • Difficulty in bending the elbow and turning the wrist.


What Are Treatment Options for Biceps and Triceps Tear?
Torn Biceps and Triceps tendon treatments depend on the severity of the tear and graded as 1-3. A tear test or a tendon test is performed to diagnose the severity of the condition after which surgical or non-surgical treatment is prescribed. Physical therapy is prescribed to heal and restore the strength of the torn tendon.

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Can a Partially Torn Bicep Tendon Heal Itself?

  • The attachment of the bicep does not occur on its own, in case if it’s torn.
  • For reattachment, it needs to get healed.
  • For partial and complete bicep tear, you need to treat it with the best suited available options your Orthopedic Specialist may suggest.

Can a Torn Bicep or a Triceps Tendon Heal Without Surgery?

  • In case of a bicep or tricep tear, the elbow bone does not recover on its own.
  • For timely recovery, surgical options are usually recommended by Orthopedic Specialists.
  • In case if the full functionality of the arm is not required, your specialist may offer non-surgical treatment for you.

How Long Does It Take for a Partially Torn Bicep or Triceps Tendon to Heal?

  • It takes almost a period of two months to completely recover from minor elbow injuries.
  • A timeline of 4-5 months is required for carrying out daily routine chores.
  • In the case of surgical treatment, your Orthopedic Specialist may ask you to wear a flexible strap or sling to minimize its mobility.

What Happens If You Don't Fix a Torn Bicep?

  • The bicep may start to deform or sink in case if a tendon tear has occurred near the shoulder.
  • You need to go for surgical treatment in case of a bicep tendon tear. Otherwise, the deformity of the tendon stays permanently.
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