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Skin and Nail Care
People who have difficulties reaching their feet sometimes develop cracked heels and other skin and nail problems. People with diabetes are always at a risk of developing severe conditions that may lead to amputation if left untreated. It’s essential to see a good podiatrist to address your skin and nail care issues.

Who Needs Foot Skin & Nail Care?
When you have diabetes or have a condition that does not allow you to reach your feet freely, they can be neglected. It’s best to have someone clean and wash your feet daily, and if you have diabetes, you should read this page, as it has in-depth information about how people with diabetes should care for their feet. Our podiatrists offer simple and effective solutions for ingrown toenails along with surgical options for stubborn nails. Our treatments give lasting relief.

Skin and Nail Conditions
Different unpleasant skin and nail conditions develop over time due to negligence; our podiatrists provide comprehensive treatment modalities for the following:

  1. Hardened skin.
  2. Corns.
  3. Thickened nails.
  4. Warts.
  5. Tinea.


Discolored Toenails
In certain conditions, your nails may start to appear as yellow or greenish. It is due to different infections of the skin and nails. In about 50 % of nail discoloration cases, the culprit is a fungal infection. Other causes of nail discoloration include nail polish staining, trauma, and damage to the nail. Our podiatrists provide the best nail care for discolored nails.

 Cracked Heels
Our podiatrists can gently remove the dry and dead skin from your heels, making them smooth again. We can get your sandal-ready in no time with modern machines that gently buff off the dead skin from the heels and bring them to their former glory.

Get your feet calluses removed today.


When to Visit a Podiatrist?

  • You may visit or consult a podiatrist if you are suffering from the toenail’s issues, such as discoloration, deformation, or thickening.
  • You should immediately consult a podiatrist to increase the chances of getting your nails clear.

What Does a Podiatrist Do for Your Feet?

  • A podiatrist may treat conditions like callus formation, ingrown toenails, or spur formation in the heels.
  • He may use surgical methods to treat your injured foot or toe.
  • He may also treat diabetic patients suffering from toe problems.

Can a Podiatrist Fix Curved Toenails?

  • Your podiatrist may straighten your curved toenails or nail plates.
  • Avoid clipping your toenails at a right angle.
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