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Multi Ligament Knee injuries
Our knees are complex joints with intricately interconnected systems of bones, cartilages, tendons, and ligaments. Ligaments are strong and sturdy bands of connective tissues that support the knee and keep everything in place. Multi ligament knee injuries hurt a lot and cause severe symptoms; it is important to get immediate medical treatment.

Causes of Multi Ligament Knee Injury
Multi Ligament knee injuries are caused by the following:

  • Car Accidents.
  • Sports Injury.
  • Fall from heights.
  • Direct trauma to the knee.
  • Work accidents.


In these accidents, two or more of the knee ligaments are injured or torn; if three or all four of the ligaments are injured, the knee becomes dislocated.

Multi Ligament Knee Injury Symptoms
These injuries are associated with severe pain and aggravated swelling of the knee. Below we have listed the symptoms:

  • Severe Pain in the knee.
  • Sudden swelling.
  • Tenderness to the touch.
  • Inability to walk.
  • Loose and wobbly feeling of the knee.


Multi Ligament Knee Surgery
In multi-ligament knee injuries, surgery is required. Because of the complication and intricacy of the knee joint and depending upon the level of damage done, our orthopedic specialist will either perform open surgery or a closed minimally invasive surgery.

  • Surgery is required to construct ligaments. Grafting and stitching are used to repair the ligament.
  • In some cases, many grafts are required for the procedure to be successful.
  • In cases where damage is less arthroscopic, minimally invasive surgery may be used.


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What Do Knee Injuries Feel Like?

The most common symptoms associated with knee injuries include:

  • Inflammation or swelling of the knee.
  • Severe or sharp pain in the knee.
  • Inability to move knee joints.
  • Pop-up sound or sensation in case of tearing ligament of the knee.

What Are the Different Types of Knee Injuries?

The most common knee-related injuries or types include:

  • Knee sprains.
  • Torn up ligaments in the knee.
  • Knee Bursitis.
  • Dislocation or instability of the knee.
  • Fracture around the knee area.
  • Meniscus tears.

How Do I Know If My Knee Injury Is Serious?

You must go to a specialist in case if you are suffering from any serious knee injury. The symptoms associated with a serious knee injury are:

  • Sharp or radiating pain in the knee.
  • Redness of the skin around the affected area.
  • Inflammation or swelling of the knee.
  • Inability to extend the legs or knee.

How Long Does a Knee Injury Take to Heal?

  • The time of healing different injuries may differ with respect to their severity level.
  • It may take a week or two to recover completely from knee sprains or strains.
  • In case if you have undergone surgical treatment, then it may take up to a duration of one to three months to achieve complete recovery.
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