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Stem Cell Injections
Stem Cell injections for foot and ankle conditions are the most advanced regenerative injection treatment modality today. It is recommended that before surgery or other procedures like fusion, stem cell joint injections should be considered.

What Are Stem Cell Injections?
Stem cell injections are a part of stem cell therapy used to treat or prevent certain diseases or conditions. Bone marrow transplant is the best example of stem cell therapy. Stem cell injections are developed by extracting stem cells from the patient, which minimizes the risk of unwanted reactions. Stem cells have the potential to become many different types of cells. Stem cell injections utilize the ability of the cells to regulate different regenerative pathways. Stem cell injections are safe, and the most common side effects are temporary swelling and pain.

Stem Cell Injection Treatments for Foot and Ankle Conditions
Depending on the injury and severity, your specialist will determine your condition’s best stem cell treatment. The following conditions are treated with stem cell injections, note that this is not a complete list; you should talk to your specialist about your health.

  • Arthritis.
  • Ankle Instability.
  • Peroneal tendon tear or split.
  • Ligament sprain or tear.
  • Subtalar arthritis or instability.
  • Tarsal tunnel syndrome.
  • Plantar fasciitis.
  • Bunions.


Stem Cell injections for plantar fasciitis have gained popularity among the medical community and patients alike. With the help of stem cell injections, patients can enjoy permanent relief in their plantar fasciitis.

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Does Stem Cell Therapy Work for Ankles?

  • Stem cell therapy is effective in treating ankles.
  • In case if you are suffering from chronic ankle pain due to any condition including arthritis, strained or torn-up ligaments, or damaged tendons, then stem cell therapy proves beneficial.

Are Stem Cell Injections Safe?

  • In most cases, stem cell injections are safe as they are directly collected from the patient.
  • There are no associated risks or complications of using stem cell treatment except a slight inflammation or swelling in some cases.
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