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Children Foot Care
Children’s foot care is particularly important because as their bodies develop, they become more active and independent, and deformities in their feet can create issues for life. It is vital to keep a close eye on your child’s foot hygiene and look for abnormalities.

What Is Children’s Foot Care?
Your child’s feet are shaped differently as compared to yours. And they are continually developing and growing. Children’s foot health should be at an optimal level for them to grow stronger. Our podiatrists also specialize in handling issues of children and teenager’s feet.

Your child’s feet should not hurt, as foot pain can negatively affect your child’s daily physical activities- which are monumentally crucial to growth. There is plenty to consider when it comes to your child’s foot care, from ensuring a healthy lifestyle and enjoyable physical activities to choosing the right shoe.

Different Issues in Children’s Feet
Since children are very active, they are vulnerable to specific foot and ankle injuries, including inflammation, sprains, strains, and broken bones.

  • Club Foot – it is a common congenital disability that affects your child’s foot or ankle and causes the heel and toes to twist inward. It ultimately creates walking challenges for your child.
  • In-toeing – is also known as ‘pigeon toes’; this condition occurs when children walk with one or both feet turned inward.
  • Out-toeing – when a child’s feet bend inward from the middle of the feet to the toes, it’s called out-toeing.


What Causes Peeling of the Skin On the Bottom of a Foot?
If your child’s feet are peeling, the cause is typically not severe. Athlete’s foot, skin dryness or damage, or skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis are the most common causes of this symptom associated with redness, itching, pain, or oozing. While home care is often the first step in management, in some instances, peeling feet may require an evaluation by our children’s feet specialist.

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Can a 12 Year Old Get Bunions?

  • Yes, it can occur in both children and adults.
  • This condition usually involves the development of a significant bump in or around the foot area.

What Causes Bunions in Kids?

  • This condition usually occurs as a result of hereditary structural problems.
  • It further causes alignment issues of the toe in children.
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