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What is a Rotator Cuff and Labral Injury?
A rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons that border the shoulder joint, keeping the head of your humerus (upper arm bone) solid within the empty socket of the shoulder. A rotator cuff injury can cause severe pain in the shoulder, which often aggravates when you try to sleep on the affected side.

Symptoms of Rotator Cuff Injury
Following are the symptoms of rotator cuff injury:

  • Severe shoulder pain.
  • Uncomfortable sleep.
  • Range of motion is difficult.
  • Soreness in the shoulder.
  • Popping sensations.
  • Cracking sensations.
  • Deep pain when lifting the arm or shoulder.
  • Weakness in the arm and hand.


Rotator Cuff Injury Treatments in NJ
There are some treatment options available for rotator cuff injuries, including:

  • Pain Medication.
  • Physical Therapy.
  • Corticosteroid Injections.
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).
  • Rehabilitation exercises to strengthen the rotator cuff muscles.
  • Surgery may be recommended in some cases.


After an evaluation, our orthopedic surgeons will provide the best treatment that suits you and gets you towards a speedy road to recovery.

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What Does It Feel Like When You Have a Torn Rotator Cuff?

The symptoms associated with a torn rotator cuff include:

  • Severe and radiating shoulder pain.
  • Disturbed sleep.
  • Range of motion is reduced.

How Long Does It Take for a Torn Rotator Cuff to Heal Without Surgery?

  • Depending upon the severity level, it may take a period of about four to twelve weeks to get recovered from the torn rotator cuff.
  • The healing process may require surgical treatment as the tears are unable to heal without undergoing any surgery.

What Happens If a Labral Tear Goes Untreated?

  • If you leave the labral tears untreated, then it may become a reason for increased friction in the joints.
  • The symptoms may prevail longer than usual if it is left untreated.
  • You will be unable to use your arm and shoulder pain-free.

What Is the Best Treatment for Rotator Cuff Injury?

Your specialist may recommend you different treatment options to heal from rotator cuff injury. Some of these are mentioned below:

  • You must take rest at regular intervals.
  • Applying ice on the affected area can help a lot in relieving pain.
  • You must attend physical therapy sessions to get back to your normal routine again at a faster pace.
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