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What is Elbow Nerve Entrapment?
Elbow nerve entrapment refers to a condition in which a nerve is trapped in the elbow canal, causing problems and unpleasant symptoms in the arm.

Types of Elbow Nerve Entrapment
Nerve Entrapments in the elbow can be classified as:

  1. Median Nerve Entrapment

Median nerve entrapment in the elbow can occur around the elbow joint. The most common site of median nerve compression at the elbow level is between the two heads of the pronator muscle.

  1. Ulnar Nerve Entrapment

Ulnar Nerve Entrapment occurs when the ulnar nerve in the arm becomes compressed or irritated. It is also referred to as tennis elbow nerve entrapment. Ulnar Nerve Entrapment is a condition responsible for Cubital Tunnel Syndrome.

  1. Radial Nerve Entrapment in Elbow

Radial Nerve Entrapment occurs when the radial nerve is compressed within the elbow canal. It is also noteworthy that in some cases, Radial Nerve Entrapment originates from a compression occurring in the proximal forearm.

Who Needs Elbow Nerve Entrapment Surgery?

  • Patients who have recently been diagnosed with Cubital Tunnel Syndrome.
  • Patients who are experiencing symptoms like arm pain, arm muscle fatigue, and loss of motion in the arm, etc.
  • Patients who have tried non-invasive treatment for at least three weeks to no result.
  • The non-invasive treatments have not treated the condition or improved the symptoms.
  • The condition is worsening.
  • There is a risk of permanent muscle damage if not treated surgically.
  • The patient does not have a medical condition that could worsen by Elbow Nerve Entrapment or deter its success.


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How Do You Fix a Pinched Nerve in Your Elbow?

  • You can fix a pinched nerve in your elbow by bracing it with the help of a splint.
  • For relieving the pain, you can use non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • You can also use an elbow pad to reduce mobility.
  • Keep your elbow straight while sleeping.

How Do You Treat Ulnar Nerve Entrapment?

Your specialist may offer one of the following best-suited treatments for ulnar nerve entrapment:

  • By prescribing anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve your pain.
  • By reducing mobility with the help of elbow braces and splint.
  • By recommending personalized physical therapy sessions to enhance movement.

How Long Does Ulnar Nerve Entrapment Last?

  • The ulnar nerve entrapment may start to heal quickly, but it may also take a period of almost six months to completely recover from it.
  • The symptoms of numbness and tingling start to vanish after some time and are a clear sign that the healing process has been initiated.

Do Trapped Nerves Go Away by Themselves?

  • The trapped nerves can be responsible for severe pain around the affected area.
  • Many times these nerves usually go away as soon as the healing process starts.
  • But in case of severe pain, you must need to visit a specialist for proper diagnosis and treatment.
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