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What is Elbow Tendonitis?   
Elbow Tendonitis is an inflammation in the elbow tendons, which causes acute pain and swelling. The inflammation can be caused by physical injury or an infection in the elbow tendons.

What causes Elbow Tendonitis?
Elbow Tendonitis is caused by overuse injuries. This means that Elbow Tendonitis is caused by the repetitive motion or movement of the elbow and arm. People such as athletes, painters, butchers, and musicians, etc. use their arms more than others; the elbow tendons can get overused, which may cause inflammation.

What are the Symptoms of Elbow Tendonitis?
The most common symptoms of Elbow Tendonitis are:

  • Mild pain in the elbow, which can intensify into chronic pain.
  • Pain in one or both arms.
  • Fatigue in arms, which makes one unable to lift or grip objects.
  • Inability to straighten wrist to raise the hand.
  • Loss of motion in the elbow and the arm.


What are the treatment options for Elbow Tendonitis?
Depending on the condition of the tendon, Elbow Tendonitis treatment can be non-invasive or surgical.  Non-Surgical Elbow Tendonitis treatments can be followed by four simple steps:

  • Rest your elbow by limiting arm activity.
  • Ice your elbow for 15- 20 min, 5-6 times a day.
  • Compress your elbow by wrapping a bandage around it.
  • Elevate your elbow by placing it on a pillow when sitting or lying down.


If this treatment does not work, and you continue to experience pain and other symptoms, your doctor may recommend minimally-invasive Elbow Tendonitis treatments after diagnosing the condition.

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What Does Tendonitis in the Elbow Feel Like?

  • The symptoms of Tendonitis include severe pain and elbow’s tenderness on the bony knob.
  • As the injury’s occurrence is in the elbow, pain can still be felt while using hands.

How Do You Treat Tendonitis in the Elbow?

  • Applying ice can help a lot in relieving pain and inflammation of the elbow.
  • By utilizing a flexible elbow, strap mobility can be reduced to a minimum. This technique often fastens the recovery process.
  • The use of anti-steroidal and anti-inflammatory (NSAIDs) drugs can help a lot in relieving elbow pain.

How Long Does Tendonitis in the Elbow Take to Heal?

  • The tendon may start to heal in a few weeks, and it may feel better, but its complete recovery may take up to half or a full year.
  • If your injury was severe, complete recovery might take up to a period of 2 years

Does Elbow Tendonitis Go Away?

Tendonitis is considered to be a self-limiting condition; means it gets better eventually even without treatment or any surgical procedure.

However, its recovery process may take a few weeks or months because it gets healed slowly.

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